Is this Canada? This seems like Canada. 

This could have gone so wrong

Nothing goes wrong in Canada

Even if it did we all have free health care

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Thank you

Thank you to my boyfriend for supporting me in all my endeavors. From being my business partner and brain storming buddy - to not putting up with my excuses and dragging my ass to the gym.

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Bianca Del Rio from Rupaul’s Drag Race season 6 episode 09. I love this show and I will continue to use these queens as muses.

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Elizabeth Taylor wearing an Edith Head designed dress in A Place in the Sun, 1951.

The dress had six layers of white net over a pale mint green taffeta , studded with single velvet violets, and a bodice covered in white velvet violets with green centers. It caused a sensation among prom-going young ladies that year. Manufacturers recognized the fact and had copies of the gowns ready for purchase in stores at the time of the film’s release.

Gorgggggg 😍

Future wedding dress inspo

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me nd my cougar gf

me: babe i love your necklace
gf: thats me Life Alert®
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she was hoping for a pony lbr

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My Easter earrings. The beads reminded me of eggs.
Getting dressed up for Easter dinner. #easter #earrings #vintage #vintageearrings #cliponearrings #pink #floral #vintagejewelry #jewelry #costumejewelry

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My boyfriend and his friend Mike are so cute together. They go to the gym together, make smoothies, drink tea, watch YouTube videos and play with the cat. #bros #toocute #brothers #friends #gymrats

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